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Community Partnership Philosophy

As PDC Energy envisions its long-term business plan, we recognize a responsibility to both individual stakeholders and the community at large to create mutually beneficial relationships that endure. These relationships are based on respect for members of the community, for the property of others and for the environment we all share. PDC encourages employees to act with integrity and in a highly ethical manner – for themselves as well as on behalf of the company – to strive to be leading members of the greater community in which we live and operate.

2018 Community Partnership Report

Commitment to Community

PDC puts a significant focus on our culture of volunteerism and the investment of time, effort and charitable dollars in the communities in which we live and work. Since 2012, the company has hosted an organized effort for our employees and their families to participate in an annual full-day of volunteering called Energizing our Community Day (EOC).

Our reputation as a responsible corporate citizen is important to us. Being good neighbors, stewards of the land and participating in local hands-on projects are ways in which we develop a strong connection amongst our employees and our communities. Quite simply, it’s the right thing to do.

Because each community has different needs, and our employees are passionate about many different organizations, EOC Day provides our employees the opportunity to contribute to the communities and organizations of their choosing by nominating qualifying non-profits and creating teams to achieve their volunteer projects.

During EOC day in 2018, roughly 91% of our employees participated.


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Supporting Our Employees

PDC believes that engagement in the community is a deeply personal commitment, and aims to support our employees and their families in making this part of their personal lives as well.

Each year, PDC contributes up to $200 per child, per year, for our employees’ families to support important extra-curricular programs such as 4-H, athletics, dance, arts and music programs.

As our employees give, so does the company: PDC matches up to $1,000 for each employee annually in their financial contributions to qualifying non-profit organizations.